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Creating a Business
Friendly City

Dania is a small business owner that understands the challenges, risks, and rewards of local entrepreneurs.

Dania will put small businesses first and aims to foster a thriving local economy. She supported the 90 day downtown consumption district trial that aimed to open wellsprings of profits for restaurants in the downtown Square. Dania believes in providing abundant opportunities for business owners to improve their quality of life.


Future-Ready Workforce

Covington will soon be the home to Archer Aviation and Rivian. There's also a high demand for blue collar workers in our community.


To navigate the ever-evolving economic landscape and seize emerging opportunities, Dania believes it is necessary invest in the skills, knowledge, and adaptability of our local workforce.

As councilwoman, Dania will foster partnerships between educational institutions, training providers, and local businesses to align curricula and programs with the skills needed in emerging industries.

By understanding market demands and technological advancements, we can ensure our local workforce receives relevant and up-to-date education and training that prepares them for jobs openings.

Software Programmer
Operating a Drone
Olive Branch
Stationery Store


By creating a business-friendly environment, we attract investment, encourage entrepreneurship, and promote the growth of local businesses.

As councilwoman, Dania will prioritize programs that encourage development in underserved business areas.


She will back strategic marketing and promotion initiatives to showcase the unique offerings of local businesses. This includes leveraging digital platforms, social media, and community events to raise awareness, attract customers, and support local entrepreneurship.


By highlighting the distinct identity of Covington's business community, we cultivate a sense of pride and encourage residents to support local businesses. 


Dania recognizes the importance of supporting local farms in our rural communities and fostering a strong connection between residents and agricultural producers.


The Covington Farmer's Market is a step in the right direction, but what if we could do more to support farmers?


As councilwoman, Dania will encourage partnerships between local farms and restaurants in Covington. By connecting farmers with restaurants that prioritize sourcing locally grown ingredients, we create mutually beneficial relationships that supports both sectors.


Through promotional campaigns, menu collaborations, and farm-to-table dining experiences, residents and tourists can patronize restaurants and experience the flavors of fresh, locally sourced meals.

Dania will support collaboration with community organizations and schools to develop farm tours for school groups, partnering with community events, and engaging influential individuals who can advocate for the farm shopping experience.

Lettuce Farm
Dairy Farming

By investing in workforce development, implementing effective marketing strategies, and engaging the community, we can enhance Covington's character and economic viability.

Dania will work diligently to appoint the necessary support, resources, and opportunities for local businesses to thrive and expand. Together, we can build a robust business ecosystem that fosters innovation, nurtures entrepreneurship, and ensures the long-term success of Covington.

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