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Balancing Progress
& Preservation

Covington's infrastructure serves as the backbone of our city, connecting communities, facilitating commerce, and shaping the quality of life for every resident.

Recognizing its crucial role, we are embarking on a journey to revitalize our infrastructure, paving the way for a brighter future. The proposed infrastructure efforts are focused on creating a city that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional.


911 dispatchers are working inside a room at fire station 2 located at 11234 Alcovy Road.

As covington grows, demand and call volume will inevitably increase.

Our essential workers need the space and grace to thrive, not survive. Dispatchers need a quiet atmosphere and ergonomic work stations, equipped with advanced communications systems in their very own building.

As councilwoman, I will advocate for the development of a new dispatch center at Prime Site, 11085 Flat Shoals Road. 

Prime Site is City owned property already equipped with LMR antennas- the perfect location to build a new facility for our dispatchers.

Police Cars
prime site.jpg
Construction Site
Under Construction


The prospect of growth brings a mix of emotions - it can be simultaneously exciting and downright scary.

We can manage population growth with thoughtful zoning regulations, infrastructure investments, and preservation efforts. 

As councilwoman, I will advocate for the preservation of existing housing and support renovation incentives for adaptive reuse of older buildings. This approach preserves Covington's character and reduces dependency on new developments.

It may become necessary to control density by raising construction standards and minimum lot sizes.

For sustainable growth we should regularly assess our carrying capacity and incorporate mixed use development to strike the right balance.


Floyd street is the vena cava to the heart of Covington.

There’s something happening beneath the surface that could negatively impact the area.

The underground infrastructure is more than 100 years old.


This leaves us vulnerable to soil erosion, damage to roadways, and water supply interruptions that negatively impact our quality of life and overall functioning of the city.

Rehabilitating the visible (sidewalks) and invisible (underground pipes) infrastructure on Floyd street and Newton drive is of utmost importance. 

As councilwoman I will prioritize infrastructure upgrades that can help mitigate the effects of aging underground systems and support urban development to maintain a high quality of life.

Bus Driver
Portrait of Senior Man


Elderly people face challenges in accessing transportation options due to mobility limitations or lack of affordable transportation services.


This results in social isolation, which can have detrimental mental and emotional effects on our elderly community.

My goal is to enhance accessibility, independence, and community engagement.

As councilwomen, I will support the development of a low-cost paratransit shuttle for elderly people to reach medical appointments, grocery stores, and the downtown Square.


This will empower the elderly to maintain their independence, remain active within our community, and remove barriers to accessing essential healthcare. Community development grants from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) may be available to assist with funding for this transportation project.

Let us build a Covington that embraces the future, with infrastructure that empowers and uplifts our community.

I will prioritize smart development, one that preserves greenspaces and historic buildings, while supporting necessary infrastructure improvements. By adhering to this vision, we will strike a balance between progress and preservation, ensuring that our small town essence remains in tact.

I heartily encourage all Covington residents to actively participate in the shaping of our future - attend council meetings and public hearings. Together, we can co-create a future that reflects our shared values. One that honors our past while embracing all the possibilities that lie ahead.


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