7 Website Mistakes Killing Your Sales

Does this sound like you?

"I spent hours designing my own website, but I barely get any sales. It's frustrating and I don't know what I'm doing wrong."

'The silence is discouraging. I make offers, no one responds. I post an update, crickets. I share my services, nothing."

"I spend way too much money on advertising to get new leads."

You're not alone!

When browsing on the web, I often catch cringe-worthy website mistakes small business owners are making that leaves money on the table. Many entrepreneurs are taking web design into their own hands since it's relatively easy to build a website these days. Platforms like Wix and Squarespace making building a website quick and painless.

Although building a website is easy, there's a bit more to creating a productive, lead-capturing machine than meets the eye.

The truth is: making important changes to your website is way easier than you think.

Many web builders don't require coding, so you're only a few steps away from making more money on your website.

I created a fail proof system that teaches you how to make your website work for you, and communicate your unique values and style all while making you money. It's called The Bomb Dot Com Website Checklist, you'll learn:

✅7 simple strategies to instantly transform your website.

✅Strategies that practically guarantees that you’ll never leave money on the table— EVER again!

✅The single marketing strategy that will miraculously build your mailing list.

✅Samples to supercharge your website transformation efforts.

These lessons took me years, tears and untold amounts of money to learn. But you'll walk away with 7 simple and actionable tools you can start using right now to make your website connect with visitors and convert them to customers.

Download the free guide here.

Correcting these common website mistakes will relieve that tear-your-hair-out frustration and thousands of dollars on lost sales. One thing I've watched crush otherwise strong business is a lack of a productive and compelling website. This is the exact reason why I wanted to help. 

Make no mistake, as a business owner, your website could be one of the main obstacles standing between you and your goals. You owe it to yourself have a promising return on your investment.

Apply the strategies you learn from The Bomb Dot Com Website Checklist and you'll soon see— there’s no limit to the success you’ll be able to create.

Don't leave without your free website checklist!